I'm so happy I have a hard time expressing myself. I will try to share these words with you from Alicante.

A new life in Alicante

Almost fifteen years ago I was leaving my life in Buenos Aires for the first time to venture into something new. I had met a young Spanish woman online. I decided then to quit my job and encourage myself to try a relationship. So I flew to Rome and then to Almeria (Spain).

The relationship didn't work. All Spanish women had their accents. It was constant torture. I was in Madrid alone. No friends, no money. Things hadn't happened as I expected.

After a few days without eating and sleeping at McDonald's, bus stations, and trying to make web design in exchange for food to restaurants, a friend tells me that he was in a city in southern Spain called Alicante. I decided to go there.

Here I was very kindly received by Franquito with his uncles Pablo and Miriam. Within a few days I found some jobs that allowed me to make myself a few euros to rent a room with an Argentine woman and a Korean in the city center. I always kept visiting these friends in Cabo Huertas, a beautiful part on the outskirts of Alicante.

Things started working out quickly. So I met Marisa, Sergio and their daughter Agustina. They became my Argentine/Spanish family. So too with Marc, Gelu, Gustavo and Gaby. A friendship we would start to continue for life.

It was possibly the happiest time of my life.

I spent a lot of time living here with them and it was the starting point to discover myself and understand that I wanted to keep traveling and knowing places. My life had changed. Much better than I ever imagined. Alicante would become my first home away from home.

Constant contact

I've never stopped visiting them since. Every time I could, I'd take a flight and meet. The reason I returned to Argentina was to take care of my father during his last months of life and accompany my sister at that time.

One of the hardest decisions of my life was when I decided to dedicate my life to humanity and work on creating what would become my NGO in Dubai. Because it meant I wouldn't live here with my family again. It was very difficult, but I decided to follow my vocation and my passion. I did very well. But a -big — part of me was left here.

Now that I have shared these words with you, you understand why it is so important to rediscover myself after almost eight years with my dear friends in this city that gave me an opportunity that I will never forget. Where I learned so many things and formed such wonderful friends that we will continue for life.

Today I will begin to visit each of those people that I always have in my heart. I am very grateful for the plate of food that they always put on my table, for the accompaniment and help they always gave me. You can find a development about these days deeper in our blog UnViajeAmericano.com


I'm thrilled to know that you now know my wife, after so many adventures and anecdotes about them that I've told you. I'm living a very, very special moment in my life. Deeply excited.

We'll probably live here again in the future. Because it's also my home, just like Dubai and now Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

I am a great thank you to life for the friendships and opportunities you have given me. Thank you from the heart to every person who has helped me be who I am. Every action I do is in honor of you.

Together with Sergio and Marisa, my "parents" in Spain.