From a young age to children we tell them that they can be Messi, they are special, unique in the world. It seems that happiness is based on being different. In feeling unique and special… But to what extent?

The speed of information that globalization allows makes fashions fast, and in turn we can share our experiences immediately. Social media creators and administrators deeply understand our need to express individuality.

We can start dozens of discussions, especially that difficult need to understand about the number of followers looking for new celebrities on the internet. That inordinate need for popularity that constantly surprises us.

Freshly Natasha showed me "The Color Factory", a project created in San Francisco and New York, where they have rooms full of shapes and colors for people to go and take photos for their social networks. You don't see anyone playing, just posing for their selfies.

The same goes for travel destinations that repeat the same patterns, and recently the paid posts we all see on Instagram where people appear showing up with a very little-produced photograph and pay to appear in our feed.

Social media never ceases to amaze me. Even as a publicist and photographer. The need for popularity that users obsess is incredible. And from there, entrepreneurs with ideas that just five years ago would have seemed incredible appear.

This quest for momentary originality makes it even more worth noting. How many likes does the post have? How many "followers" does this girl have? Every day I hear more and more of these comments. Customers are desperate to achieve follower goals. But they don't realize that most people actually just see their picture for less than a second. Hardly anyone reads anymore. Social media became the new "dumb box" as we told TV years ago. In fact, I take the opportunity to write this commentary in this long paragraph because if you are reading these words it means that you are one of the few people who share this thought. We're less and less. It doesn't mean it's a bad thing, it's a new reality.

So you know… if you are looking to be "special," learn to be happy in your day-to-day life. That's exotic.