For long years and even today, I hear that people attribute achievements to luck. When a person sums up my life to that word, no matter who he is, he just stopped talking.

It seems that the human being needs to find a quick answer to everything. As if life itself is black or white. The mix between his inability to understand reality and his slim desire to understand it results in the most mediocre phrase I've ever heard: -"You've been lucky."

But I will not talk about myself in this post, but of Angel Di María, an Argentine footballer who has had the opportunity to share this exciting text and I think should be replicated everywhere.

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Effort and perseverance outweigh adversity.

Of course Angel had parents who accompanied him and were part of his dream. Things don't happen by magic and it's very hard to do it alone. But that's not luck, gentlemen. It is the effort of a complete family for years and years of constancy. And it's the story of a success. How many potentials is DiMaría circling?

I once again dedicate this note to dream boycotters. Like the coach who told Angel it was useless. Those who have abounded markedly during my youth in Buenos Aires and put at risk my confidence, my future and my life itself.

My intention, as much as I'm tempted, doesn't boil down to insulting those people who feel so frustrated that they attribute everything to luck and feel fulfilled every time they tell us. But quite the opposite. I share this note just to ENCOURAGE effort, passion and the desire to succeed.

Because after all, whoever really progresses does it for LOVE.

There was no better reward in my childhood than my mother's smile when she solved a logic problem. Nor the smile of an unknown mother excited to see that her son healed a deficiency. It all comes down to a sincere embrace of gratitude. The best pay. The feeling of knowing that the effort has been worth it.

Today is much easier for me. When they attribute something to luck, I just laugh. Sounds like no-brainer. I surround myself with dreamers. The impossibles are very relative when next to you there are people who traveled the world on a motorbike twice without previous experience (Emilio Scotto), became procurers in life (Nelida Iglesias Motoviajera), are flag bearers of humanity (Eduardo Giusiano Gerrit Van Den Berg Gabriel Tkaczuk), became true geniuses (Helmut Ditsch), are exemplary parents living with difficulty (Roberto Mombru Rosana Segura of Mombru Bibiana Marquez Marisa CabocopySergio Hugo Spaltro) or never ceased to believe in their abilities ( Michael Meyer Andreina Campari Eduardo Javier Muñoz Miguel Angel Bravo)

Luck? In Emilio's case, he may not have died when he was shot in the back or put in jail as a spy. Nelly encouraging herself to succeed after the loss of her husband, becoming today the respected Queen Mother of Argentine routes. Gerrit, coming up after sexual abuse for 10 years in a row by people from his own Church, confronting his aggressors years later and lovingly forgiving them. Edu Giusiano striving without sleep so that her children understand how the world works. Helmut leaving his entire life to devote himself to art even though he was told that what he did was not art, and today becoming the highest paid painter in Argentine history. How did Rosana and Roberto raise three extraordinary children when they often couldn't make ends meet? Perhaps Rosana is the case most like DiMaría's mother. Marisa and Sergio, working 24-hour running shifts to give their daughter a future in a country on the other side of the ocean. Let us not speak of Bibi and Marcellin when they adopted dear Paul with so much love and greatness and gave him a second chance. Andy learning multiple languages, doing postgraduate and living with her exotic brain without forgetting the people who love her. Every work by Michael that is surpassed day by day, or the motivation of Edward and Michelangelo to make history in a better world.

While the frustrated continue to "make a bulla," we slowly continue to work together to be part of a world where many people can access unthinkable opportunities. But every now and then, very occasionally, the ghosts of the boycott return. Those who have abounded and hurt us for many years. They are usually disguised as anonymous commentators in the newspaper Clarín for example. There abound. Social media encourages these kinds of characters. But they also abound in the media, in leadership positions, and that is already dangerous.

Like Angel, some of us know who we are and why we do what we do. But we've been hurt so bad it's still hurting. It happens to a person who reached the world highest level in his discipline and won the best tournaments and even scored the goal that took his national team to gold at the Olympics. It hurts because it is an open wound, tattooed on our hearts from a young age because of those people who cannot accept the happiness of others.

For this reason I PRAY you share this note with those young people who live in your life. Who tells them they're waking up a new DiMaría.

My greatest admiration for Angel and his family. Thank you for existing.