I just went back to Facebook to enjoy some news from our friends and family. I stopped at this photograph shared by Mariano who immediately smiled at me. Nice memories of an inner child present.

inner child
The image that would start this post

I was stopped in the picture for several minutes. I remembered how the cars came down from those ramps with great speed. I also visualized the number of toys that have passed through that laundry room or suffered "repairs" in the workshop on the ground floor. The pucha I liked that station. I loved her. What's more, if I wasn't traveling in the car, I'd buy it again.

This led me to think for a while about the importance of minding that child we once were.

Feeding the inner child

It's beautiful to be able to bring it to life and keep it in mind all the time. Feed it, keep it active. It is obvious that this child has suffered greatly with the death of his mother and best friend being so small, to the point of thinking of taking his own life repeatedly. But that also makes you stronger, it makes you understand how fragile we are. And the miracle of still being here, together.

I'm going to share some brief lines to motivate them to do the same. It's an exercise I constantly do to keep me happy.

– Almost when I go through a large toy shop in whatever country, I enter. I spend a long time enjoying the dinosaur dolls, the autitos, the Lego. My favorites are tyrannosaurs that move remotely and look like puppies. Just five minutes to be inside the toy shop to get back into "Nicky," that innocent little one who was constantly marveling. This exercise can last up to hours. And sometimes I even find other adults like me, in exactly the same situation. We looked at each other with an accomplice smile. It's beautiful.

– Several years ago I was a video game fan. One day I entered a place near Av. July 9 in Buenos Aires where I frequented, and fulfilled one of those dreams that I had at the time… I bought all the stock they had. Yes, everyone. I remember having to make several trips in taxis to be able to carry the huge amount of boxes, because they were a lot. By locating them in my room I could barely get into my bed. The columns of boxes came to the roof. That's a nice feeling. Best of all, thanks to that unthinkable event, I ended up meeting David who is one of my best friends, among other great people. I also worked with Edu, with whom we have a nice friendship (as with his whole family) and many more. All to fulfill a dream.

The dreamy inner child today executes

If it's dreams, I have thousands more stories. How I ended up creating an NGO in Dubai, the city I fell in love with, or how I'm traveling the world with the person I love.

I still remember when I imagined the day I could be married to someone to take care of me, come with me, make me happy. And here I am, living the dream... One more time.

This point I write on the blog is really important. Because that's how I live. Actually, I even encourage myself to tell you that I'm not "Nicolas, " but I'm still "Nicky." More capable perhaps, with more knowledge and tools. But that chestnut hair is still present, no later than the mirror tries to prove otherwise. Every moment of my life I live in full freedom. I do what I want, when I want and how I want. I always liked to help and felt identified in the smile of the one ahead.

The perhaps advantage of being an adult is that I can do much, much more. I know more and more wonderful people. That every now and then I am surprised by a rich meal, the ones I could never prepare. They smile and understand that they are making that 6-year-old happy now peeled with every plate of pasta they put in front of them. Not knowing, of course, that they're making him feel like family again. That family sitting on Sundays that knew how to lose overnight, but for one reason or another, today they have again.

Maybe they understand why I like to share so much, why I can go without sleep for doing jobs that don't even make an economic benefit to me. It's simply because it makes me happy. Because they and you make me happy. Because my family chooses it every day.

Every time I see my nephew Philip I remember Nicky. They're both happy. Both are generous and give hugs without expecting anything in return. Smile. They get sad when they see their parents angry. They vomit in anguish when they know their uncles are going on a trip and won't be back for several months. They live their lives to the fullest, they allow theseed and cry. They allow the property to love. I want a world with more Philips and less "responsible adults." I want you to be a Felipe, to let your Nicky (inner child) make decisions in your life.

I would like you to share a story, however brief or simple it is about how you keep your inner child present.

They may also have forgotten about him. Today, any Saturday for no particular reason, I would like you to do the exercise and resuscitate you for at least a few minutes. And then they tell me what he said.

I hug everyone. Happy cute crazy weekend.