First Contact with Peter Diamandis

I have had the opportunity to speak for the first time with one of my idols, Peter Diamandis, who inspired me deeply to make this life choice since I enjoyed his TED talk about abundance and exponential technology. He also specializes in predicting the future of employment.

To make it even more surprising, we have not met in person but through High Fidelity, a Virtual Reality platform. There, Peter gave an hour-to-hour talk with the company's CEO and second life creator.

I had the opportunity to tell you that a few days ago I talked about him at TEDxSantaCruzdelaSierra and even our trip from Argentina to Alaska by car.

New spaces

I was invited to learn more about the work that this group of developers around the world is doing. Tomorrow they will take me to visit the worlds they have designed and discuss new technologies. They even offered to help create my much-desired virtual office that I've been planning for years. I'm very excited.

It was great to feel so aligned with the concepts you mentioned during the talk. But without a doubt what motivated me the most was to continue talking to their listeners, mostly developers and teachers where we share many ideas about the future of education mainly in Latin America. I found a lot of people linked to education. That's an extremely important point.

The opportunity to have a "physical" space in the cloud is very important to me. There I will be able to develop my projects and invite the different participants no matter where they are in the world. We will also be able to meet to discuss technology, economics, politics and the future of employment. It's fascinating.

An interesting world is looming full of opportunities and responsibilities. It looks more than interesting.

The future is today.

Peter diamandis