A few minutes ago I finished enjoying one of the movies that has excited me the most recently: TAU.

TAU embraces the artificial intelligence that I am so passionate about and immerses itself in several super interesting philosophical points about existentialism. It is a thriller that uses impeccable special effects, remarkable direction and a wonderful visual aesthetic.

It rarely happens that at the end of a movie I like it so much that I spend time learning about its filmmakers. In this case there were two people I was interested in following to enjoy more works: writer and director.

Federico D'Alessandro

What a surprise it took me to realize that it is the FIRST film directed by Federico D'Alessandro, a talented Uruguayan specialist in visual production of multiple super-known films.

When you search for your name on Facebook in the spirit of sharing a few words of congratulations, a beautiful comment from your brother appears as the first result. At that moment I "dropped the chip" as we say in Argentina and smiled deeply.

The reason? During these days I was talking to friends who work in film direction and audiovisual production about the possibility of making a short about the last post I wrote a few days ago about "Luck as justification for the frustrated".

After making those words public, several discussions were generated in private because they felt very identified. The first thing I thought about was Federico. While I don't know him, I have no doubt that to get to work at the level that he does today he has had to overcome multiple obstacles and dedicated his entire life to tremendous learning. And it was worth it!

Sensitivity and Talent

Days ago we discussed with our friend Rodrigo Bellott (also a film director) about the wonderful result that one achieves after years of effort in mixing her sensibility with talent and knowledge. This kind of thing is just achieved.

Every time I find someone achieves such a deserved achievement, I get very excited. You don't have to know him, be a friend, let alone familiar. After all, empathy is a quality that magnifies human beings.

I celebrate for a world with more Federicos, Rodrigos and dreamers who not only keep the idea or intention, but go out to build their lives and develop their talent to share it with others.

To overcome obstacles, gentlemen, that here are many who enjoy their achievements. I hope you like TAU. Best regards.