Villa Angela is a small town located in one of the less geographically attractive provinces speaking of Argentina.

Villa Angela has no mountains, lakes, no rivers. No oil, lithium, no gold. Its land is not even ideal for soy planting. There is usually drought and the fields decline their production surprisingly. Mosquitoes, scorpions, cockroaches and spiders abound at this time.

The heat becomes overwhelming, especially during naps when power outages prevent resting next to the precious air conditioner. The nearest major city? More than 100 kilometers, and the capital of the province at almost 200.

But still, more and more people choose this city to build their home.

The reason? Your people. Your warmth, kindness. And above all, its cultural diversity. Original and European communities living together peacefully for decades.

Why Villa Angela?

I met this chance of pure chance. Ten years ago we had organized a collection of food, clothing, toys and donations in general. We decided to travel to the Chaco so we could deliver. My godfather introduced me to Adela Garona, a person of immense heart who is godmother from a school in Quitilipi.

As we exceeded in quantity the donations that required, it recommended to know this city since there is a very important Mocoví community there: El Pastoril.

From the first moment I arrived I fell in love with the city and its people. It was such the charm that I came back three or four times every year. On the last visit, which was supposed to be my definitive farewell from Argentina, I met Natasha with whom we became engaged months later and today we live happily in marriage. But I won't write about it now. We'll leave that story for the next one.

Here is an example of very exotic beauty that can be found in this cheerful carnival town of Chaco Argentino.

villa angela