Bitácora de Pensamientos

"People know… it's not silly"

Why is this phrase used so much in politics?
In short, because it feeds from the unconscious your feeling of belonging.

At the same time it indirectly refers to the concept of "people" as a group of noble, naive and pure people devoid of evil who, as they do not deserve to be harmed, will not suffer for our actions.

My father: Ten years after his death

I make this humble reflection public in a tribute way in commemoration of my father’s first decade of absence in what we all understand as our lives. These words come out of my heart because I’m so sorry. I would have liked to have the ability at the time to master communication as a tool …

TAU: Philosophy and Science Fiction

The debut as director of the Uruguayan Federico D'Alessandro embraces the Artificial Intelligence that I am so passionate about and immerses himself in several super interesting philosophical points about existentialism. It is a thriller that uses impeccable special effects, remarkable direction and a wonderful visual aesthetic.