Slgunos are born with greater possibilities. They inherited thousands of hectares in important fertile land. Others are being searched for harvesting in areas with lower possibilities. But most are born without any resources in the middle of the mountain. That's life.

On our way we come across people who come together to undertake alongside other locals, or some adventurers who decide to know other lands and focus on learning new farming systems.

Many times do those who only think that the world comes down to its fifth. Of course, there are also those who prefer to be seated while their field becomes a yuyal.

One cannot help but suffer from the inclement weather. As hard as we try, there's little we can do against a hurricane or a flood. There are facts in life that are inevitable, such as the death of our loved ones or illness. But life for us goes on, as for our little campaign. Nature shows that you can get ahead. Wow, volcanoes must have passed through these lands.

Question of attitude

What is important to note, and I think it is the best analogy, is that effort and perseverance is what matters most. If we dedicate day and night to growing, training and continuing to build, the day will come that our campito will give us the best crops we could ever dream of!

They will be delicious and we can share them with our loved ones. And also with those who don't have the same opportunities.

Oh! We should never stay doing the same thing all the time. We all know that at the end of the day the monoculture ruins any land.

Let's remember to take care of pests and parasites. His pessimism and envy will completely destroy us. They desire and enjoy our failure. When we excel at something, they attribute it to luck.

Finally comes the most important thing. If we are attentive and generous with our neighbors, someday when the weather plays a bad trick on us, they will be present helping us get ahead. It doesn't matter what happens. Strong and united as a family, because that's the way it should be. After all, in this life we are all part of the same team.


And as a final brooch, I want to dedicate this post to two good friends that life gave me and are examples for this humble thought today: the wonderful photographer, plane pilot and helicopter Gabriel Tkaczuk who teaches me a lot about "the field", and our dear Gerrit Van Den Berg who besides being a fabulous father and husband, mechanic, carpenter and polyglot , is fulfilling his dream of having his own workshop that everyone can know because he makes shipments all over the country: The Dutch Carpinteria.

They are two examples that life gives us back everything we sow.

When working as a team, despite the inclement weather and low-fertility lands in which we lived; commitment, dedication and effort always pay off.