Bitácora de Pensamientos

Life is an "easy exchange"

Ten years ago, after my father's death, I made the decision to learn to live in the service of humanity.

It was hard at first. I had to understand the need. While the pain had hit my life from a very young age, I had never understood what it was to need. Not even from affection, for friendships would have taught me what it is to feel fully accompanied and without so much fear of loneliness.

"People know… it's not silly"

Why is this phrase used so much in politics?
In short, because it feeds from the unconscious your feeling of belonging.

At the same time it indirectly refers to the concept of "people" as a group of noble, naive and pure people devoid of evil who, as they do not deserve to be harmed, will not suffer for our actions.

Industrialization of Individuality

From a young age to children we tell them that they can be Messi, they are special, unique in the world. It seems that happiness is based on being different. In feeling unique and special… But to what extent?

My father: Ten years after his death

I make this humble reflection public in a tribute way in commemoration of my father’s first decade of absence in what we all understand as our lives. These words come out of my heart because I’m so sorry. I would have liked to have the ability at the time to master communication as a tool …

Obsolete Employment

McDonald's (MCD) shares were at their all-time high thanks to a new employment-related decision we saw coming… replacing human cashiers with touchscreen screens.

What will happen to employment in the future?

TAU: Philosophy and Science Fiction

The debut as director of the Uruguayan Federico D'Alessandro embraces the Artificial Intelligence that I am so passionate about and immerses himself in several super interesting philosophical points about existentialism. It is a thriller that uses impeccable special effects, remarkable direction and a wonderful visual aesthetic.

Phrase of the day

"Philosophy is not asked questions to find answers. Questions are asked so that the hegemonic questions, the installed ones that everyone repeats, start to crack. The purpose of the philosophical question is to destabilize the established."  
Darius Sztajnszrajber.

Operation Smile Bolivia

The young people of Operation Smile Bolivia have marveled and surprised us on a large scale. This organization represents the dream of any volunteer and social work lover. The Smile Bolivia Opera Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit organization, dedicated to performing free surgeries to correct cleft lips and/or palates and other malformations in children around …

Alicante: A return full of emotion

I'm so happy I have a hard time expressing myself. I will try to share these words with you from Alicante. A new life in Alicante Almost fifteen years ago I was leaving my life in Buenos Aires for the first time to venture into something new. I had met a young Spanish woman online. …

Peter Diamandis and the Future of VR

First Contact with Peter Diamandis I have had the opportunity to speak for the first time with one of my idols, Peter Diamandis, who inspired me deeply to make this life choice since I enjoyed his TED talk about abundance and exponential technology. He also specializes in predicting the future of employment. To make it …

TEDx Santa Cruz de la Sierra

History tells that somewhere far from our galaxy there was a group of beings so wise that they had the ability to influence the fate of distant civilizations.

Some of them were following humanity very closely. Especially one of the youngest, who we don't know his name but we know he was very rebellious and creative. He made sure to admire how we were able to develop individual skills without losing the possibility of coexisting as a species.