TEDx Santa Cruz de la Sierra: Based on real events

Can there be a relationship between the afterlife and TEDx Santa Cruz de la Sierra? Maybe. This story would make us dream.

History tells that somewhere far from our galaxy there was a group of beings so wise that they had the ability to influence the fate of distant civilizations.

Some of them were following humanity very closely. Especially one of the youngest, who we don't know his name but we know he was very rebellious and creative. He made sure to admire how we were able to develop individual skills without losing the possibility of coexisting as a species. But the rest of his brothers boycotted him constantly, justifying in many cases where human beings self-destructed by living together in society.

This young creature had an exceptional idea: why not unite all the qualities he admired of our species in one place? I was sure everyone would understand why he loved our species so much.

To achieve this, I would need to find a group of humans with noble ideals who had the ability to plan and create a space where these people could convince themselves to find themselves without getting anything in return.

They found in Gabriela Molina the necessary leadership to unite them. Fundamental pieces joined the team: Andrés Urioste, Carlos Tarabillo, Paloma Medina, Diego Leiton, Brenda Brr, Andere Indacochea, Christina Schenstrom, Renata Freitas, Rodrigo Otero, Walter Arze Suarez and many more.

So the creature, having already chosen the team, decided to create TEDxSantaCruzdelaSierra, a full day dedicated to sharing what it loved most about humanity in one place.

The day has come. Legend has it that on June 2, 2018 in Santa Cruz De La Sierra, managed to gather the excitement of Luis Suarez, the fortitude of Yael RI, the exponential resilience of Rodrigo Bellott, the authenticity of Cris Montgomery, the mature sensibility of Adriana Zubieta Molina, the perseverance of Daniel Ponce G, the enthusiasm of Fabiana Cañipa, the connection of Federico Escobar Salas , the narrative of Guide Davidan Choquetanga Gonzales, the motivation of Nicolás Mango Marri, the responsibility of Priscila Ontiveros Chucatiny, the humor of Nadia Chiaramoni, the passion of Ronaldo Vaca Pereira Rocha, the transparency of Uri Carascor, the approach of Zoran Vran and the humanity of Salvador Sambiasi.

It was from then on that the creature's brothers understood their passion for humanity and the unexpected happened: they decided to help it share these inspiring messages to make humanity an even better species.

What happened next was magical. TEDx Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia's largest, would inspire the lives of many people.

Tedx Santa Cruz de la Sierra