"UNIBE" refers to the Iberoamerican University of the Dominican Republic.

Today afternoon we will be giving a talk to your students of the careers of Management and Business Management and Tourism.

The staff of teachers and managers are super friendly and open to knowledge. From the first moment we contacted were friendly, especially Luisanna, our star hostess. In addition, TEDxPuntaCana was developed by Carla (who is also a teacher here) and her team.

Another interesting fact of this University is that due to the cost of its tuition, it is very possible that we will meet young students who have already traveled and have access to multiple benefits. Moreover, with those young people who attend thanks to their scholarship program. This means that we will encounter potential new leaders, where our message can be even more efficient.

Among several topics, today we will be focused on the impact of exponential technology in Latin America and the labor challenges that we will face as a region.

The advantage of having two hours to speak freely with internet connection, a projector and two blackboards, will also allow us to develop deeply several topics. One of the points we will touch is how to break down the success of an entrepreneurship and share certain tools that will facilitate the execution of your projects.

Without the intention of developing a closed opinion after these weeks in this beautiful country, I can practically confirm that the Dominican Republic presents interesting challenges very different from those we regularly debate in South America.

This country is managing to take advantage of its paradisiacal location. I am not only referring to the landscapes you have seen in pictures, but also to a climate so "perfect" that I have never experienced anywhere else in the world.

The hotel development especially throughout the Punta Cana area (Cap Cana and more) is remarkable. It has generated many new jobs and hand in hand goes its training and the importance of such universities. The same is true of your air and logistics connections. You can see large-scale planning at every place we visit.

We are gradually understanding the challenges presented by this country with the help of such growth. From the same corruption that characterizes our region to the environmental problems that growth carries with its hand. But it's too early to give an opinion.

The truth is that beyond the emotion that generates power once again share our passion for learning and the "Forging Leaders of Tomorrow" (casually the slogan of this university) I am particularly excited about everything we will learn from students and their faculty.

We've been fascinated by this country. We are planning to reside for a few months next year to get to know you more and understand this tremendous development that you are generating.

We want to be able to contribute a grain of sand in its connection with Asian countries, especially the Middle East, just as we are currently developing it with Bolivia and Paraguay.