Inception: "Dreaming Inside a Dream"

Something like the film Inception is what we've been through the last two months.

Almost two years ago we decided to give up our stable life in Dubai and we bet on living our greatest dream: touring the world starting from Argentina to Alaska in a car.


It was years of imagination, planning and desires. Possibly it was one of the best decisions we've ever made.

And so, within this dream, many others could be realized. Among them, the journey from which we have just returned.

We have enjoyed multiple cities in several countries. All the climates together: snow-capped Alps, dunes in the desert, sea on a paradise island and the beloved Mediterranean. Just like in Inception.

United States

We started by visiting MIAMI, where we got to know my brother's beautiful family, which was something I wanted to do many years ago. We were also able to meet our friend Mauritius and meet his girlfriend who we were deeply pleased. I hope the next time I can visit Camila, whom I admire since I first heard about her. Then came the turn of NEW YORK, where I was very happy to see Natasha's eyes surprising herself in every corner.


Tremendous surprise. I was able to meet our friend Juan Ignacio Luque Sandoval and his wife, after so many Skype talks together. We were amazed by this city. The scenery is amazing. It's definitely a place we'll be back soon.


Here we toured several cities. We started by visiting our dear friend Mariano Pelaez and his wife Daniela, as well as his friends, his office and Croquette. The most amazing thing was to meet two friends I love deeply, Gabriel Tkaczuk and Hwctor Vicen. That was also a dream within the dream. To be able to enjoy the best mates in the world (of Gaby of course) in Europe while watching the Sagrada Familia in the background. It's crazy. Couldn't have been better. That moment was recorded in my heart.


A few days later, we met Natasha Magalí Roszezuk enjoying a warm sea and perfect climate on a paradise island: KOH SAMUI, thailand. It was our first experience getting to know Asian culture, and we were fascinated. Waking up every day in that paradise blows your head off. It was unbelievable. Then we met BANGKOK, a super giant city that never ceases to amaze for a second. I was very disappointed with night tourism and excessive prostitution, but I know that Thailand is a country that we will return… but with more time and going deeper. Especially from its cultural side.

United Arab Emirates

Once I arrived in Dubai I felt at home again. After an absence of almost two years, we were able to recharge batteries and meet with our loved ones. We were all very happy. It was indescribable to meet my niece Maitha Bint Butti, whom we were following in photos and videos almost on a daily basis. It's pure smile, pure joy. I adore her. My little brother Rashid was a strawberry for dessert… what a way to make us laugh that jam. He's a divine. Also, of course, we were able to take the time to add new work projects that excite us a lot. As a negative fact, that's where I suffered the back injury, which complicated my travel times and I was at rest for almost a week. Now I'm much better, and the good thing about all of that is that I became aware of the limits of our body. I hope I can learn to return to sport.

Return to Spain

The last few days we live in Spain again. This time, we toured many cities, based in ALICANTE. We were in Guadalest, Alcoy, Calpe, Altea, Campello and Benidorm. We took the opportunity to use the BlaBlaCar app and meet people along the way, and Natasha was able to travel by train for the first time. As for our experience in Alicante, I have no words. These friends are in the family category. Many of you already know how important they are in my life. Coming back after eight years was exciting. To think that I was just over 20 years old, and today I can share the joy of introducing my wife to you and sharing so many anecdotes together. I loved feeling that everything was almost the same there. I'm going to try not to think so much about these days, because it's hard for me to leave this city and its people. Many times it makes you want to leave all my activities and live there forever. Maybe one day it'll happen.


In short… it was a sensational journey. We were able to take every second to meet, meet loved ones, learn and work. He reaffirmed once again the extraordinary decision we have made to live by traveling.

For this reason, and for the few who have come to read here, we tell you that we have confirmed that once you arrive in Alaska, our journey will continue. We will take a plane to Spain and travel first through 25 European countries without specific time, putting Indonesia as its final destination.

Immediately, we will be just over two weeks in our beloved Santa Cruz de la Sierra, then leave for twenty days to the Dominican Republic, where we will attend the wedding of a dear friend and then we will take advantage of the time to know the interior of the island, enjoying its culture and its people. I haven't traveled to a country without knowing anyone in a long time. I hope to become new friends.

New adventures, challenges and projects are coming. They find us happy and motivated. We learned that living on a trip does not limit our life, but quite the opposite. Working so energetically and having time to use it efficiently, achievements happen exponentially.

I thank our dear friends for their constant support and good energies. I know that they live this joy as their own, because that's what it's all about in life. To enjoy our passage through this world happy and together.