Since we started the journey, that's how I feel. Wonderful, stunned. I watch things happen with excited eyes, wanting to grab everything in my power. And all this, with no one to tell you you that you can't!

Doesn't that touch? Doesn't that do? Quite the opposite. It's the same paradise as the excited child.

We've met so many people so talented that I can't help but marvel.

How can they be so scattered around the world? What attracts me so much to them? Why do I feel part of so many places at the same time?

These are questions I ask myself all the time, and what inspired me to write what I share below. Un edited, straight from the phone during a beautiful Bolivian night. You'll be able to excuse my writing.

A Before and After: Fernheim

Our experience of learning how the Mennonite and Cooperative Fernheim community in Philadelphia works a few weeks ago (I'll already write a post about it on our website) made me project the global impact a leadership training school could have operating in its community and exporting human talent on a large scale, mainly because of its low level of corruption and responsibility for work.

I was simply shocked by the functioning of their society. To such an extent, that I have them always in mind and I still do not encourage myself to write the post on our page for the enormous amount of information that I want to dump about that experience.

What takes my sleep away most is analyzing every detail I learned with them (and how lucky I was to meet Ernst and his family)

It seems like part of the destination to have shared those talks and experiences. I absorbed information like a sponge, down to the smallest detail. His thoughts, ways of working, ideologies, history and culture.

How do you create such functional societies? Is it possible to apply these changes to existing communities or should they be generated from scratch? What will the future be like in a society that achieved almost all of its objectives? It eats my head.

Learning as constant

Every day we absorb more and more information. I must admit, I thought I'd be easily bored. But fortunately I was wrong.

More than ever I think two things. First, every young man should take a long trip. I see it more important than any other election, including academic training or work experience. Second, that every trip definitely depends on us.

I have read a lot of experiences of travelers where they are usually placed in an observer position. While I deeply respect it, I love being able to be an active part of every place we go. And above all, that every detail of knowledge acquired during the course of our lives can add a grain of sand to many people with whom we meet on a daily basis. It's amazing.

We've been leaving for two months. And I've already found at least three places where I could have a good time in my life. It actually eats my head for not being able to pause time and have multiple lives: The G.IráOga reserve in Missions to learn with people with immense talent and dedication, the town where we are now (Samaipata) where nature, patience and patience are balanced, and finally the Fernheim community and surroundings.

I know our journey is just beginning. But we've made friends that I know will last for many years. Because that's how it's happened to me several times.

In addition, being able to continue studying constantly thanks to technology makes us not feel away from what is happening in the world. It's wonderful to have access to engineers, architects, social workers, publicists or whatever we need on your phone. It's like traveling with a team of experts helping every community we visit.

Happiness as a common factor

It is inexplicable the enthusiasm that gives me to find so many happy people on this journey. I wish I could have the ability to express myself correctly to convince so many people to encourage themselves to improve their lives. What's more, so that they understand the enormous importance with which we need to look at whether they are actually making the right decisions.

I see the world and its inhabitants as a great puzzle. Many times, the pieces fit together. But some others I see distant from their peers.

If only I could share how easy it is to change city and choose to live in a place that makes us so happy… I always remember how unhappy I was living in my hometown Buenos Aires, a wonderful city that houses thousands of people who love to reside there. But I never felt that way, and I encouraged myself out. Best decision of my life.

This feeling is constantly repeated. I see friends who go crazy wanting to plant Pine trees in a desert, when it would be so easy for them to do so in Missions for example.

It is very important to dedicate a moment in our lives to analyze the world where we live and plan what kind of life we want to lead. This will make it much easier to make our life goals effective.

It is key to live with people with whom we share the same goals. It allows us to feel part of a team and happier.

Knowledge: The Key to Freedom

Every day I am more convinced that the best tool to achieve full freedom is knowledge.

Did they start to think how wonderful it is to be able to make the decision to change our lives overnight at any time?

Every day I care less about the opinion of those I don't admire. That fills me with happiness, because it means I'm maturing. I realize that the people you put the most my thoughts, today they are the ones I least admire. And on the other hand, those that I saw upwards as if they inhabited another galaxy, are more like us than we imagined.

A chameleon life is a well-lived life

How could I share who we are in such a small, clear space? How can we express that we can be so different by being the same person?

When I had to write the "we" section of our website, I really didn't know what to put.

So I decided to take pictures. Yes, he was the same old madman. In one, she was wearing a suit giving a lecture for the Abu Dhabi government. In another, he gave a talk dressed as an arabe. And the other, he was lying in a gravel sector on Route 40, taking a matte. At three o'clock I was happy. Nice, different, but happy. I realized it was the best way to explain it.

A few months ago, I lived in a duplex in Dubai and had parked a beautiful bike next to a dream car. Today, a short time later, I live in a partner of three square meters. I used to be happy, and today too.

On a day like today, we were doing a TV commercial with two genius friends for an amusement park. Today, we are designing the website of an animal shelter. Was he happy doing advertising campaigns? Yes, and hugging a monkey today too.


It doesn't matter what you decide to make of your life, as long as you do it with passion.

If we accumulate experiences and knowledge, we will have greater adaptability and be permeable to better moments.

Freedom is also a decision of life. Because when we are aware of our abilities, life becomes easier.

As I finish writing this message, I hear thunder approaching from the mountain. I love that smell of wet dirt coming up. It's beautiful to be lying in our little ata, knowing that tomorrow a spider monkey will wake us up jumping on the ceiling and wanting to open the doors to make more mischief.

Life is the same… the way. I'm no longer worried about achieving goals, but enjoying what's going on in between.

I always hope to continue to maintain this love of knowledge, and the ability to admire passion in the human being.

As long as we continue to meet happy people, I consider our journey a mission accomplished. Don't be ashamed to express how you feel.

I'm hugging everybody hard. May life continue to allow us to be together, no matter the distance.