For as long as I can remember, I was a source of mockery because of my ideas. They said they were impossible. As if it were by magic, many ended up happening. The same thing happened to most of my friends.

Surprisingly, I went from being a case of mockery to a project builder. And they worked. And they keep working. And more and more. For some of those deserters, I was lucky. They still don't understand. But my case also served as an inspiration for many others.

The hardest part is accepting that most of the people you met in your life are unprepared or try to understand your life. In those cases, I learned the art of invisibility. In my case, being a photographer worked.

Many times not even your own family or lifelong friends can understand it. You have to accept it because you're the one who chose to be different.

Never stop dreaming

Society was historically driven by people who foster the attitude of the flock, and that if one chooses a different life, one is doomed to failure.

If someone shares a thought with you, don't destroy it just because you don't understand. Respect is not only a question of vocabulary but of attitude.  

Your life is yours. not your parents, not your grandparents, not your friends. 

I close with a wonderful phrase from Small Revs Songs Two: "D
on't laugh at my dreams. They're all I've got. Don't say I can't anymore. There are dreams that changed the world when others believed them."