If you've ever shouted into the four winds "I want to travel!" or wondered if those paradise places we see on TV or social media actually exist, the answer is a resounding YES.

When we talk to someone on the street and learn that we are traveling from Argentina to Alaska, most ask us about the budget we drive or how we travel. Imagine our trip as your annual fortnight vacation multiplied by more days. Many more days.

Our journey is completely different. It's been six months since we left and we've never paid for a hotel. We may have spent less money than any of you in a fortnight on Argentina's Atlantic coast or Central America. Maybe it's time to change the "I want to travel" to "I'm going to travel."

The goal behind the "I want to travel"

The goal we have with Natasha is to learn. Is that clear. We take it as a graduate of life. Why not share it on a travel or thought blog?

Since we left, in just three countries we already had long talks with artists, conservationists, directors of NGOs, executives in large companies, owners of farms, graphic designers, publicists, marketing experts, restaurant owners and multiple entrepreneurs.

Every place we visit and fall in love, we leave our grain of sand. It can be by making a complete website, rebranding your organization, a business plan to collaborate with the development of your project, collaborate with the connection between potential local venture investors, increase the efficiency of your work, or by giving training and motivation talks. What do we find as a reason to spend our time on them? The feasibility of your projects, the motivation they put you, and the responsibility with what your tasks take on.

Our trip is far from the traditional traveler who imagines many of our friends.

An unthinkable fate that fell in love with us

Ever since we woke up, we've been studying. All day. Now I write to you from the kitchen of Michelangelo Ristorante, our favorite restaurant in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Did you know that this city represents one of the fastest growing populations in Latin America? Have you ever heard of the projects being developed in this region? It reminds me a lot of Dubai. Especially for his enterprising people.

Since we arrived in the city, our friends are wanting to convince us to stay here. You don't miss it. I must admit it. We have already collaborated in the possible creation or optimization of almost ten projects. There's a lot to do here, and above all the things you have to do and talented people.

I love Santa Cruz. I love your people and your closeness to Samaipata. We've been around for over three months, and I don't want to leave.

But the journey must go on. Our goal of continuing to learn from within Latin American entrepreneurial culture is our primary goal.

Nomad or Sedentary? Balance

Coincidentally our friend Aniko Villalba – Traveling around today she published a beautiful note explaining why she wants to stop being a nomad to make a base in Biarritz.

The important thing about each trip is FREEDOM. And that means having the choice. If you feed that with the maximum tool that allows you to live free (knowledge) your possibilities are endless. And you can be very happy.

Big hug from Bolivia.

I want to travel