In a few years so many things happened!

Trying to remember my life at that moment makes me feel like I'm thinking of someone else. So deeply distinct, I don't recognize myself physically.

In these few years I fulfilled all my wishes. There weren't any left outside. Yes, like a movie. But no fiction.

Strange questions such as: Where to follow when you got to the "goal" long? Who am I really and who do I want to be?

You wake up ashamed to have wasted so much time believing in the stupidity of the social stereotype that you "should" become. You realize that the people you love the most are totally different from each other. Or worse, you fall scared when you realize you've lived your whole life chasing a goal without EVER wondering what would happen next to your life when you've made it.

Emilio Scotto's story comes to mind when he came across a depression at the end of his last round the world and wondered, "What now?" So many famous musicians or athletes who lost their way to find themselves where they thought they wanted to get too fast without being ready.

This talk is a common theme with several of my friends today, belonging to very different cultures, random ages and very different socioeconomic realities.

This is where we need to be aware of the weight of the past and our upbringing during childhood and adolescence. Understand the education we receive, those dreams or limitations that were planted to us by our parents, teachers, family members, religion or characters belonging to the social status where we were born.

When I was only 33 years old, I'd give anything to enjoy a pair of maths with that character I'll be in ten more years. Ask him what he would have done differently or what he would do again. My greatest desire is to meet a completely renewed, wiser person. May he live with admirable people and above all to help young people like the ones in this photo find their way.

I learned over the years never to finish gaining knowledge. Only those who know me up close know that for several years I have devoted several hours each day to study countless different topics, and listen attentively to those who share their knowledge with passion.

Taking advantage of this last word and repeating it once again, I want to make the following sentence clear:

Knowledge: The best tool to bring you closer to freedom

Do you want to travel? You want to have a family? Do you want to buy a car, a motorbike, a building or build a museum in Abu Dhabi?

Whatever you have in mind, take it seriously and learn how to do it. Be persevering. He's starting to invest in becoming that person who can do it.

If you decide to use every minute of your life to learn something new, I assure you that there will come a time when to carry out an idea or project will be easier than you imagine. I know many people who in two minutes solve the future of an entire organization. I've seen how they are able to plan entire cities. It's wonderful what we can do if we're trained in the right place.

Possibly if you got to read here, it's because you feel identified with the character in the photo. Believe me, there comes a time when you will remember what today doesn't let you sleep like a minor stupidity, and you'll be ashamed of the simple fact that you knew you were once concerned.

Let yourself trust who you will be in a few years. Don't stop feeding him. Help him make the right decisions. Don't rush it. Nurture it with knowledge and train it. Believe me.

He'll study. He's planning. Lived. Remember. Shared. It's going to get inspired. He'll value it. Enjoy.