This question is very common in the traveling world, in those who are about to emigrate. Even the most experienced spend hours planning their luggage.

Very different is the issue of emigration. When we travel knowing that we are back, we hardly carry photographs of our loved ones with us. But as you emigrate, luggage becomes much more affective.


I wonder, already in the distance, what the story must have been like when this teddy bear entered the suitcase. Was there a crying girl clinging to her toy behind? A teenage girl who was supposed to emigrate and brought the memory of that gift her father had given her before leaving to fight World War II without ever coming back?

So many stories are intertwined and result in entire families that today continue to build their identity in completely new places for them.

Undoubtedly, whoever made this toy with needle and thread, never imagined that it would be a matter of debate a century later with people scattered around the world who would read these words.

All of this leads us to wonder which of our actions will be immortalized in time. Only he will know…