Today, one more year marks the date of birth of our beloved and admired Gabriel Storchi, who will remain alive in our hearts forever. 

There are exceptional people who manage to be heroes in time. Gabriel is one of them to me. He was my greatest inspiration and great advisor to fulfill my dream of traveling from Argentina to Alaska. 

While he left very young, he will stay alive thanks to his crazy adventures. Especially when he was the first man in the world to go from ARGENTINA to ALASKA in a COUPO CHEVY. Journey he made in honor of his father, with whom he shared so many memories in that vehicle.

And he did it. With no knowledge of mechanics, having repeatedly melted the engine, or losing parts along the way, he reached his destination. He documented all this on DVDs, bloged and participated in many interviews in several Latin American countries.

Today, on his birthday, his family and friends can remember him with immense joy. Like a man who fulfilled his dream. And even better, he shared it with all of us. Inspiring us, advising us. Showing us that there are things that even death can't overcome.

For all these reasons, for me Gabriel Alaskaacaballo was, is and will be A HERO. Happy birthday, dear.

I end the post with his photograph with the actor PAUL WALKER, with whom he will have probably met up there and asked him – surprised – how he got to ALASKA in a CHEVY.